An internationally recognised disaster relief charity established since the year 2000. It has provided emergency shelter, cooking and water filtration equipment to support those families around the world whom have lost their homes through natural disaster or conflicts.


Rotary has formed a strong collaboration with ShelterBox over the years and here in Locks Heath Rotary we continue to raise funds at our various events to continue our support of the work being done in the following parts of the world currently below.

During the last year a staggering 25,800 families have been supported with shelter aid together with a further 3,200 families have received much needed essential household items to survive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this disaster relief aid so needed.

See the video by CEO of ShelterBox Sanj Srikanthan;

A ShelterBox is an emergency response, a tool, a practical solution, and in the midst of disaster, nothing less than a miracle. It’s funded by kind donations from people like you and sent to a desperate family left without a home. Please donate and add to the money we raise from events.