Welcome to Locks Heath Rotary

Please browse our website to find out what we do in the Community and Internationally, we are a registered charity and work hard to improve the lives of those less well off.

For those wondering our main header photograph of our banner in space is truly authentic and was kindly taken by local astronaut Maj. Tim Peake CMG  on his mission to the International Space Station. Planet earth is in the background. Does this evoke fondest memories of trekkers amongst us….”Space the final frontier .. Locks Heath Rotary banner boldly goes  where no banner has gone before”!.

Whilst we actively seek out new members aliens need not apply

Rotary International Polio Plus campaign together with WHO has almost eradicated Polio from the world, younger persons will not know what a scourge this virus was in the UK 60/70 years ago, crippling many young people for life, and requiring some were encased in an iron lung to survive.

Shelter Box provides instant living support for people all over the world who are caught up in major disasters, whether armed conflicts or natural disasters.

We run events to raise funds for these and many other causes particularly for the local community, and above all we have fun doing it.